Sentinelle Health Group provides private health services accessible and affordable to individuals and businesses in the Ottawa-Gatineau Area.

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15 October 2018

PROMOTION – Nouveau patient

A partir du 16 octobre, profitez de notre Promotion Découverte. Consultation médicale à seulement … Read more +

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Yes, we offer blood work services!

A fast and efficient service for your blood works, with or without an appointment. Whether or not a patient of our clinic, you can communicate at 819-778-1330 to schedule your appointment. Sentinelle Health Group uses the laboratory of the Hull Hospital. However, the clinic can also send the samples in a private laboratory, if desired. If you are an Ontario resident, we can bill OHIP for the service.

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Emergency Consultation with a Nurse

A consultation is available for same day appointment with our nurse. This service allow patients to see a bilingual health professional within a short time frame while receiving a quality and professional service. Please note that the delays to receive the results from the hospital lab is between 10 to 15 days for STDs. 

Only $60.00

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A preview of our clinic

A virtual tour will enable you to learn more about the clinic. With five doctors and two nurses, Sentinelle Health Group offers services by appointment such as medical consultation, blood works, and immunization.

360 visit of our clinic

Sentinelle Health Group

Founded in 1996, Sentinelle Health Group provides services in corporate health and private care in family medicine. For nearly 20 years, Sentinelle Health Group innovates in occupational and traditional medicine. The clinic has 5 doctors not part of the public health insurance of Quebec and 2 nurses allowing the population of the Outaouais to have quick access to a health professional.

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