232 St-Joseph Blvd.
Gatineau (Qc) J8Y 3X4

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Business hours
Monday to Friday
7:30AM to 4:00PM (Please note that we are closed during lunchtime)

The avaibility for blood works is between 7h30 and 11 am from Monday to Friday with ou without appointment.

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Consultation with physician, renewal of prescription, consultation with a nurse, blood works or other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept new patients at the clinic in Gatineau?
Yes, we have 3 GPs taking new patients.

How does it work for the services at the clinic in Gatineau?
To become a patient, you have to take a full exam which includes blood tests, an hour  with the doctor and referral to a specialist if necessary. It also allows you to have a family doctor. In addition, becoming a patient will give you a preferential rate for follow-up appointments and consultations.  We also offer services consultation with a nurse for questions relating to your health issues, medications, emergencies, etc.  We are also able to have you seen by our doctors.

If I do not want to become a patient, but only want a consultation – how does it work
Yes, you can  see our doctor or nurse for a consultation.  All services will be charged extra: blood test, EKG, etc … We can transfer the results to your family doctor if you wish.

Will the RAMQ reimburse me?
No, the RAMQ won’t reimburse expenses Incurred in a private clinic.  You can claim these fees on your income tax.

Do you have a refund policy?
If you have received a service such as a consultation with a health professional (nurse and / or physician), you must pay the fee. We do not offer refunds. If you would like to discuss a situation that concerns you, we suggest that you discuss it with the manager of the clinic.

Can I keep my family doctor while being apatient at your clinic?
Absolutely, we can send the test results to your doctor at your request.

Are you going to refer me to private specialists only?
We prefer the public system insofar as the waiting time is reasonable. If they are not, we suggest you make an appointment in the private system. We will discuss the costs with you first.

Does my personal insurance (Sun Life, Great West, etc.) cover the fees?
In most cases, the Insurance Company do not reimburse consultations with the doctor. Blood tests are refundable as well as other medical services permitted under some insurance plans. This depends on your insurance company, you should check your contract with your agent. However, you can deduct the costs of private healthcare services in your income taxes.

If I am an entrepreneur, can I have these costs billed as business expenses?
Absolutely, we can bill your company directly for your visit. Although it will be a taxable benefit. Talk to your accountant for details.

Are you a walk-in clinic?
No, despite the fact that it is possible to get an appointment to the same day to see a doctor, we do not accept walk-ins. Even for blood tests, we suggest making an appointment to reduce waiting time.

If I want a copy of my result, is it possible?

Yes, you may receive a copy of your results but there is a fee of $15.