Independent Medical Expertise

Medical expertise can help a third party evaluate a given situation. Such expertise can contribute to the settlement of a dispute or allow a decision maker to exert his judgement.

A medical expertise can:

  • Clarify the diagnosis;
  • Establish the date of consolidation;
  • Assess the date of return to work;
  • Determine the functional limitations;
  • Decide on the permanent impairment (APIPP);
  • Express an opinion on the relation between the injury and the incident;
  • Decide on the prognosis in the short, medium and long term.

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Preparing for an assessment:

  • Analyze the case, choose a medical expert by specialty and make an appointment;
  • Get medical information and send the documents to the medical expert;
  • Write a clear and precise mandate that contains your specific questions;
  • If necessary, ask the person appraised to sign a consent form to conduct a medical examination;
  • Communicate in writing, a meeting for medical evaluation.

For employers:

The medical expertise aims at obtaining the information necessary to help the employee remain at work or to determine at which point in time the employee will be able to return to work. This expertise also provides information on the capabilities, functional limitations and restrictions of the employee. Finally, it aims at proposing appropriate adjustment measures in the work environement.

This evaluation is often done:

  • When an employee returns to work after sick leave and his ability to fulfill his job requirements become a cause for concern.
  • When the period of absence from work exceeds biomedical standards.
  • When the invalidity does not seem to be justified.
  • To know how best to adapt to the employee’s illness, injury or disability.

For lawyers:

A medical expertise may be necessary or required in a dispute resolution process, in judiciary proceedings or legal challenge for compensation.

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