Medical Insurance

This service provides an evaluation of the physical condition of clients by our medical team.

Medical Examinations for Life Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies use Sentinelle Health Group services to evaluate potential candidates for life-insurance coverage. Our nurses and physicians provide tests, questionnaires and physical exams for the persons to be evaluated.

Sentinelle Health Group offers the following services:

  • Medical Exam with Physician;
  • Questionnaire with Paramedic;
  • Blood Work;
  • At rest and stress EKG;
  • Spiro, Audio and Visual Testing;
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening.

Laboratory Analyses

Sentinelle Health Group collaborates with several private laboratories for specimen analyses in order to allow companies and individuals to obtain results within  48 hours following the test.

Sentinelle Health Group in your workplace

A healthy team for a successful organisation! We can help! According to Canadian insurance companies, long- term disability increased by 120 % in 10 years.

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