On-Site Medical Examiner

This service is offered by Sentinelle Health Group to companies wishing to minimize the direct and indirect costs associated with different indemnities related to occupational health. This program offers businesses the support of a doctor specialized in Occupational Medicine directly on the work site to help human resources managers or health services personnel to manage issues of disability, absenteeism and other work-related incidents. In addition to work in prevention, the doctor provides medical advice that will quickly and effectively address employees’ health issues so they can return to work as soon as possible while also receiving the appropriate treatments.

The medical examiner visits the workplace on a regular or periodic basis in order to study, prevent and manage absenteeism problems. He can conduct medical checkups on site and keep the evolution of employees’ physical condition up to date.

For information, please contact us by email mychaumont@sentinellehealthgroup.ca

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