On-Site Nurse

Sentinelle Health Group provides services to the organization to help reduce absenteeism and reduce unhealthy habits of their employees. To achieve these objectives, Sentinelle Health Group offers the following options:

Wellness in the Workplace:

The employees meet with the nurse for a blood test for cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. In addition, she will complete an assessment of lifestyle and risk factors related to heart problems and will weigh with In-Body impedance.

Employees wishing to participate in the screening clinic will receive a health passport in addition to receiving advice on nutrition and health in general from the nurse.

A full report (confidential) will be given to the employer to assess the overall health of its employees. Subsequently, decisions may be taken to reduce the risk of diseases, absenteeism or otherwise.

The nurse can also go on-site for the anti-influenza vaccination and for general vaccines such as Hepatitis A, B, Tetanus, etc.

In addition, Sentinelle Health Group offers workshops on topics related to heart disease and nutrition.

Sentinelle Health Group in your workplace

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