Pre-Employment Medical Checkup and Medical Questionnaires

Used for many years by large companies, this service is increasingly popular with all businesses. Offering a medical examination followed by a series of tests selected in relation to the type of job, this service allows the company to obtain an accurate picture of the health of the candidate to be selected for the job.

In Québec, employers have the right to verify the health status of individuals who apply for a job and to hire the healthiest candidate. However, this right is strictly regulated by laws that dictate procedures for the collection, processing and use of medical information. Thanks to pre-employment medical checkups and pre-employment medical questionnaires, you will receive, on the same day or within 48 hours, recommendations regarding the ability of candidates to satisfy job requirements.

The pre-employment medical checkup allows you to know the state of health of candidates in order to offer them a position that suits their abilities.

Sentinelle Health Group has implemented efficient procedures to help you select your personnel while documenting medical files in case of future workplace attendance problems.

The pre-employment checkup allows us to detect personal conditions that could increase the risk of work incidents or occupational illnesses. The protocol is established according to the employer’s requirements and in relation to the job offered.

Example of protocol:

  • Complete checkup with or without blood test
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Various Tests (depending on the candidate’s job description)
    • Vision Testing
    • Audiometry
    • Spirometry (lungs)
    • At Rest EKG (evaluation of cardiac health)
    • X-rays of lumbosacral spine, cervical spine or lungs

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Employee Examination

This exam allows you to follow the evolution of your employees’ state of health and to prevent potential occupational illnesses.

Ex: Physical checkup, visual, hearing and spirometry tests, EKG, etc.

This way, our physicians can establish a precise profile of the employee’s physical condition in terms of the position’s requirements.

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