Ear irrigation

Cerumen, also called ear wax is a yellowish, waxy substance. It is made of a mixture of dust, dead cells and secretions produced by the sebaceous glands. Production of wax is normal and it helps lubricate and protect the tympanic membrane and the walls of the ear canal. It also provides protection against dust, bacteria and insects.

Generally, the outer channel is cleaned only by a natural movement of wax outwardly. Sometimes, however, some people secrete more wax than others and form a build-up that leads to the formation of plugs.

Signs and symptoms of frequent presence of a plug of wax:

  • Ringing;
  • Clogged ear sensation;
  • Slight pain;
  • Partial or total hearing loss;
  • Irritation and / or itching.

For more information, visit our blog and consult the article (French only): Bouchon de cérumen: comment l’éviter!

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Did you know that the cotton stalks (Q-tips) can injure the walls of the ear canal or even puncture the eardrum causing bleeding, infections and decreased hearing.

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