Gonorrhea and chlamydia are bacterial infections that can affect various parts of the body including the genitals, rectum, throat and eyes.

These infections are present in semen and vaginal secretions.

They are spread through unprotected sexual intercourse: vaginal, anal or oral when the fluid comes into contact with a mucous membrane such as the vagina, anus, tip of the penis, mouth and eyes.


For both sexes, a urine sample is given at least 2 hours after the last urination.

In women, a vulvovaginal swab may be taken during a pelvic exam.

Moreover, a swab of the throat and anus can be made depending on sexual practices and symptoms.

 For more information, visit our blog and consult the article (French only): Gonorrhée et Chlamydia

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85% of people infected with gonorrhea are men. Only two infected women will have symptoms.

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